It was 1984 and Prince’s When Doves Cry was the number one hit on the radio. Dan Medford, styled with an Oshkosh color block shirt and refined black mullet, was working in the Quality department at Rosemount—a business specializing in parts for the aerospace industry. Like many young entrepreneurs, Dan immersed himself in the industry while staying on the alert for new and emerging business opportunities.

The Silver Lining.

Two years later, still enthralled the Quality field, Dan was working as an Applications Engineer for a company that sold coordinate measuring machines called View Engineering when they were forced to close their doors. With his career at a crossroads, Dan realized that his dream of being a business owner had now come to a head. So he did what any natural born entrepreneur would do and invested in a View 1200 CMM that was originally used as a demo machine at View Engineering.


Fearless and armed with nothing but hope, his dog Levi, and a $49,500 machine to pay for, Dan rented a small space not much bigger than his CMM at a company called Machine Technology and hit the ground running.

30 Years of Service.

When I asked Dan what he attributed his 30 years of success to, it boiled down to two things—commitment to serving his customers and his employees. Now serving customers on a global scale and operating 3 laboratory locations, Dan’s commitment and mission for the company is still the same: to provide story-worthy service to customers across the globe that are developing, expanding, and supplementing their Quality and Engineering resources.

Service at the Core.

Through hard work and a reputation for remaining true to his internal moral compass, Dan built a business founded on a passion for serving his customers and continues to support the manufacturing industry as President and Training Division Manager of The QC Group.

Amy Gulland
Amy Gulland
Reflective, analytical, and the strategic gorilla glue as it relates to QC Group’s marketing and sales operations. With key insight for managing the relationship between marketing and sales, Amy works to ensure that both sides are optimized to connect customers with inspection and engineering knowledge where and when they need it most.

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