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Accurate geometry - delivered on time - is critical to the life of your project.  Critical perhaps, to the life of your customer. QC Engineering provides advanced 3D scanning, modeling, analysis and geometry re-creation services to customers in every industry and in every phase of product design and production.

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Thorough. And Fast.

We pay attention to detail, and the clock.

Thorough. And Fast.

We pay attention to detail, and the clock.

Genuine service culture.

Our company strives to provide services worth telling others about. We’re structured to be nimble, aware and responsive to your needs. Our IT systems are built for optimum communications. Quoting is fast. Project updates are automated. Our inventory control system is robust. We are committed to provide you with Story-Worthy Service.

Technical Competence.

Our engineers have a wide range of manufacturing experience giving them insight to your projects unique needs.  From micro medical components to large-scale industrial equipment and aircraft maintenance, we understand your challenges. Your projects will be personalized - managed by a highly trained individual with whom you will have a direct line of communication.

Curiosity, commitment, and capacity.

We employ quality individuals who are passionate about customer service, problem solving and who are dedicated to learning. When you begin a project with QC Engineering, we'll want to know your stated and unstated project needs. We value making and keeping aggressive commitments to help you get to the next step in your project. With a vast set of resources in multiple locations, there is always a way to get your inspection job done.

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Effective July 1, 2015, QC Group’s training division separated from QC Group, LLC and began operation as a standalone business entity, QC Training Services, Inc.

They provide individual and group training in a variety of quality and manufacturing topics.  If you are interested in these services, please contact them at

Inquiries that we receive for training services will be forwarded.